Proxima Centauri offers yoou a unique visual and sound experience, by placing the spectator at the heart of the creation of a musical work specially staged for the occasion.

A work for 11 musicians, ANALOG follows a series of pieces dealing with articulation and gesture in a mixed situation, mixing instrumental and electronic ensembles. The work is built from games of similarities and analogies, both musical and visual, the musicians themselves being immersed in a thick mist and made similar by astonishing costumes.

Director & Scenography 



Christophe Havel


  • Marie-Bernadette Charrier, saxophone
  • Sylvain Millepied, flute
  • Hilomi Sakaguchi, piano
  • Benoit Poly, percussion
  • Christophe Havel, electronic
  • Marie Ythier, cello
  • Camille Havel, alto
  • Violaine Launay, contrabass
  • Anne Gillot, recorder & bass clarinet
  • Yin-Hue Poly, percussion
  • Jean-Luc Rocchietti, guitar

With the support of French national music center, Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and SACEM.